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Could there be a worse time to release this book?

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

I mean really, the world is reeling from the fear and health and economic damage, and the commercial real estate industry is just beginning to feel ramifications of this existential black swan event.

When I started the project, momentum was driving markets and I thought there was a need to introduce a new kind of strong negotiating methodology the shake things up. I'd been using these skills for years and they were quite effective. I was likened to a "hitman" by my clients. It was perfect for its time.

Now though, the world feels a need to "come together" and I agree. I want people to feel peace. They need it now. That is the energy I want to put out into the universe.

As for my book, there are many ideas and concepts for living that would be useful now. It is though unfortunate they are cast in the theme of a hitman killer. I am anything but that at the moment.

You can get the book, Confessions of a Corporate Real Estate Hitman: Killer Negotiating in Business and Life – Creating my Unfair Advantage at Amazon here:

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I still have to work on the negotiation ramifications of this, but wanted to get it into the headlines because it's history making -- and NOT in a good way. This goes into the MADNESS column.

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